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make an offer. will consider anything reasonable


Alexisonfire – black, something on front that looks like a bird and “in a town like this no one is innocent” on reverse
AFI – black, says AFI with purple guy in suit


This Day Forward – black, brain on front… heart on reverse


Wheels on the Bus – white ringer t-shirt with some drawing on it of a stick person washing machine?
Moneen – green with x’d out eyes flower
Coheed & Cambria – black, silhouette of doll heads on front
Further Seems Forever – black, flame & star on front… large picture of woman on reverse
Vendetta Red – green, severed ring finger
Tsunami Bomb – black, handcuffed hands
Dillinger Escape Plan – black with hacksaw
Mars Volta – black, rats
Something Corporate – green, “piano rock” with horse stables
Moneen – grey with butterfly and “”
Blue Skies At War – black, says “i [skull] BSAW”


Rocky Horror Picture Show – black, lip bite
Alkaline Trio – white, skeleton strangling man
CKY – grey, camp tent with blood, etc
AFI – black, “god called in sick today”
Pixies – black, death to the pixies, thumbs down
Rush – blue, owl… “fly by night”

also: Thursday zip jacket (small or medium) black, with bird emplem
Coheed & Cambria zip hoody, black with yellow design... probably medium

all are in close to perfect condition. Can provide pictures upon request. would prefer paypal but other methods can be discussed. thanks!
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